Right to Relocate

Concerned about future growth? We can handle it!

American Property Management is able to offer a unique opportunity to our tenants. If you out grow your current space prior to your lease expiration, American Property Management may be able to relocate you to another of our managed buildings. And, with over 80 commercial properties in the Portland metro area, it’s a good bet to lease with us!


Be it known that _______________________________ (Lessee ) is occupying ____________ square feet* in the building __________________________________ and that the existing lease has an expiration date of ____ / ____ / 20___. If , after twelve months into the initial lease term, the Lessee needs to expand their square footage by 20% or more, American Property Management will attempt to relocate the Lessee to another office building managed by American Property Management and relieve the Lessee of their initial obligation provided:

  1. Any new tenant improvements are mutually agreed to and
  2. The new lease term is equal to or exceeds the original lease term and
  3. The new Rental Rate is at the current posted building Rental Rate and
  4. The initial tenant improvements were minimal.

 American Property Management

Date: ____ / ____ / 20___
By: _______________________

*Existing space must exceed 500 square feet